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Resources Community
A huge community. It can be overwhelming, but I found a home posting with others who were starting chemo at the same time as me.

Stupid Cancer
Great organization for young adults, with conferences, meet ups, and happy hours. 

Young Survival Coalition
My in-person support group meets here.

Cancer Care
Really great org offering free counseling (among other things) to anyone dealing with cancer. I went when I was Matt's caregiver, and he went when I was doing chemo.
Find a clinical trial!

The Answer to Cancer
Learn more about immunotherapy, connect with other patients, and find immunotherapy clinical trials here.


  1. Loved your post on your breast cancer friends who "get" you. I feel the same way...there are things you can say, do, that only others who have been there/done that can how every little lump and bump, ache and pain makes you think your cancer has come back. Emily, check out my website, and you'll find lots of free things for survivors...perhaps some can help you on your healing journey. All the best for health in the future. Bethany Kandel

  2. Thank you Emily, I'll try some of these online groups, since you seem to have greatly benefitted from them!