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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Songs to sing

At riding on Monday, I was told to pick a song. I should sing this song in my head when I'm riding to keep the pace. I should sing this song out loud in an emergency, to calm the horse and keep myself breathing.

"Mine's a James Taylor song," the instructor said, adding, "I picked it in college."

So what's it going to be? I spent the car ride home cycling through options on my phone, none of them quite right. Most too slow, others I didn't know well enough to be able to count on in an emergency.

I was tempted to pick one of Cheryl Strayed's,  El Condor Pasa.

But that song's more for walking, of course.

Two of Us is the top contender at the moment. Other suggestions?


  1. How does this work for tempo?

  2. On a Chronicle forum, this song by Gowan was suggested: "You're a Strange Animal", which seemed appropriate!