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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

World Cancer Day

It's World Cancer Day, guys.

When you're a patient, it's easy to lose perspective on the fact that cancer is a global issue. Your world becomes so, so tiny. Your life is measured out if not in coffee spoons, then prescription bottles.

During my treatment, when I was inexplicably taking public transit to work every day, I would often be very frustrated by the fact that I almost never got a seat on the subway. Then, toward the end of chemo, I read this article about a Haitian woman who traveled hours and hours by bus just to get to her chemo treatments. Her neighbors scoffed at her: "You're just going to die anyway," they said. 

It can be hard to remember that you are lucky when your hair is falling out, but you are. I was. 

This isn't about "oh, things could be so much worse." Because, obviously. Things can always be worse. They don't have to be the worst to be bad. It is just about remembering, not just where things are harder for you than for other people, but where things are softer, too. 

Always be kind, loves.

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