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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Puking pink

Pink dish gloves, pink full-of-BPA water bottles, pink fracking drills... You know how I feel about pink as a concept, I'm sure, but let's talk merch. Cause somebody's making a buck off this shit, and spoiler alert, it ain't us.

"I hate all the damn cancer trinkets people think they need to send you... and always pink! What the hell makes these people think I want to be reminded on a daily basis that I had cancer? I don't need a pink cow bell with a ribbon on it or a plaque with a cancer poem or key chains or pins or pens... If you really want to get me something, send cash cause the medical bills SUCK!"

- Amy, breast cancerada

I received my share of pink stuff after diagnosis, though I was spared some of the worst of it. There's something weird and creepy about being initiated into this pink club, where no matter what you're actually interested in/how old you are, you're getting a pink beanie baby after your mastectomy, damn it."Here, you've got this disease, you must love to wear earmuffs proclaiming it!"
And the unfortunate truth is that a lot of the pink merch doesn't actually amount to much of a donation towards research, if there is any real donation at all.

People want to help. It comes from a good place. But like Amy said in her quote, try to do something useful. The five bucks you spend on a beanie baby could be better used on, I don't know, a yummy fresh juice, or a movie on iTunes, or coinsurance for an onco visit. Some people like the pink, and that's fine. But don't assume that we all do. 

I know a person, a man, who once for Christmas when he was a kid got a G.I. Joe from a relative. But he didn't want G.I. Joe, all he really wanted was Care Bears. But he was told all boys like G.I. Joe, and he cried because he didn't like violence and wished people would stop forcing him into a gender stereotype.

It's kind of like that.

And if you really want to help someone with breast cancer, just show up with some dish gloves and clean their bathroom. Just make the gloves green, will ya?

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  1. This. Exactly this. I used to love the color pink. Now if I wear something or carry anything pink (or even has pink in it), someone notices then starts with the questions or shares some kind of story. I'm uncomfortable enough as it is, thanks.