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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Post Op

Home from surgery now, and feeling uncomfortable, but okay. Spent yesterday chasing Vicodin with Kit Kats. So you know, not a bad way to spend a Tuesday.

For my first fat graft in July, my friend and amazing photographer Felicity Palma ( came by to shoot some images of the process. Felicity has undergone treatment for breast cancer too, and is working on a project documenting other young women. I am including a couple after the jump (fair warning: there's a bit of blood.)

Surgical drawings, and Cassiopeia.

Bandages for days.

There's another picutre, that I'm not brave enough to post yet. It's of my scar. I'm working toward it, toward feeling less ashamed. I hope I get there soon.

For now I'm nursing the stitches and the bruises.


  1. You are brave enough! Tough girl...

  2. Get better soon! Thank you for sharing your journey and giving hope.