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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More realness

This week we're talking myths and misconceptions floating out there in the pink ether.

"When I was trying to decide between a lumpectomy and a double mastectomy, people were "rooting" for the mastectomy so I could get "a free boob job." I went with the lumpectomy - they thought I was nuts. Some people also thought I was lucky to get to do chemo because "you'll get so skinny." Yeah, right."

- Staci, breast cancerada

WOMEN, amiright? SO LUCKY to be able to find comfort in the prospect of our bodies conforming to a crazily restrictive standard of beauty while being faced with life-and-death decisions. It really takes the edge off the breast amputation quandary. 

Sugar coating gut-wrenching health decisions might seem chummy and cool, it's kind of not. If the patient is making jokes, that's one thing. But unsolicited comments like the "free boob job" one negate the gravity of the situation. A person facing a mastectomy is about to have a part of her body amputated. For many, it's the most difficult medical decision they have ever made in their lives. Don't trivialize it, don't try to make it cute. It ain't. Don't make me show you my scars.

Also, guys. GUYS. (And girls.) Can we agree on some things about the female body? It's not okay to spontaneously comment about changes happening to a body other than your own. Ever. Even if you think it's a compliment.

And while we're on the subject, catcalling. Enough already.*

*I felt the urge to write, "Oy, with the poodles already." Welcome to my brain.

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  1. Oy with Gilmore Girls on next flix! Lol

    I get the "oh my god great cleavage" I want to scream. 5 surgeries, pain, cancer and all the mental crap and this is what people say because they have no clue. It's time society understood the aftermath of Breast cancer xoxoxo