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Monday, October 27, 2014

Let's be real

It's the final week of October. We've nearly made it through the pink storm.
But beyond just making it through the craziness, I wanted to add a little sanity. A little reality.

I asked my beautiful friends to share some of the myths and misconceptions that have rankled them in the two plus years we've been in this cancer thing together. I'll be posting them here this week (with some of my own mixed in. I need some outlet for all my rage.)

So without further ado:

"Of course we are all brave because we have to be. There isn't a choice. I'm pretty sure if anything about me changed it's my perspective and the fact that I've suffered PTSD but I'm still just basically me. Sometimes brave, sometimes scared shitless, sometimes wise, sometimes silly. Just me." 

- Neta, breast cancerada*

I started off with this one because Neta makes such an important point about the expectations that are thrust upon people who are treated for cancer. We are generally expected to be better, not sweating the small stuff, nicer, more "present". The reality is much for complicated. For me, I'm the same person I always was, except some moments when I'm not (and it's usually for the worse).

Check back each day this week for more!

*Cancerado/a is a word I just made up, based loosely on the origin of desperado, as an outlaw who doesn't stop to pay a toll on a road. This term is for anyone who's walked the cancer road, whether they paid their tolls or not. So yeah. I'm listening to the Eagles now, obviously.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! Sums up my feelings exactly!

  2. I am really hoping you have one coming about all the advice on "changing" so you are " less stressed" , aka "you gave yourself cancer". So many people seem to think a personality flaw gives rise to cancer, Nd meditation to escape your obviously anxious chronic state will fix you. It pisses me off. And no matter what my retort, they still walk away convinced I have a cancer personality.