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Friday, October 31, 2014

An ugly truth

And here's the final one. "At least we caught it early."

Finding cancer early is not really cause for celebration -- something has already gone massively wrong, when, for instance as in my case, two married people in their 20's both get cancer a few years apart. We were both stage 1, so let's go to fucking Disney World? No. Something has failed. Environmental protection, genetics...and yes, our healthcare system, for not putting enough importance on finding the causes of these diseases.

It's not cause for celebration because you're not out of the woods yet. Depending on your cancer, you may not ever be out of the woods. And that's terrible, especially when you never should have been in those particular woods to begin with.

We aren't "winning the war on cancer" when we're diagnosing more people earlier. We aren't winning when people still die. We aren't winning when people still get sick.

My friend, Sherri, who passed away just over a month ago, was diagnosed early. Stage 1, like me. Early detection is not a cure.

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