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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The nipple artist

A couple weeks ago the Times posted this story about Vinnie Myer, the king of 3D nipple tattoos. They call him The Nipple Artist.

Now that I'm officially restarting reconstruction (first fat graft surgery scheduled for the end of the month. Yay?) I'm looking forward to a point way off in the future when I will get my new nipples. My skin is likely too fried from radiation to do the "skin origami" to make a little protrusion, so I'll be tromp l'oeil-ing it.

Which made me think about The Nipple Artist, art history in general, and all the nipples that have been painted, mostly by men, over the centuries. AND THEN I thought, which artist, alive or dead, would I want to paint my nipples? Totally reasonable question, I know.

While I sort it out myself (Botticelli -- no. Rubens -- no. Michelangelo -- HELL no,  have you looked at his paintings of women?) do you have any ideas, dear reader?

This may seem completely ridiculous -- why bother with fake nipples? For one thing, I have realized after looking at hundreds of reconstruction photos, that the nipples might be of the eyes of the torso. Or maybe not the eyes, but possibly the eyebrows.


  1. I have no nipples right now. it's very weird. I will get something tattooed once it's all healed up, but I'm not sure if I'm going to go for nipples, of just a badass decorative piece.... might as well camouflage some of the scars!

    1. I've thought about that too! There are some really beautiful tattoos out there. Have you heard of P.Ink?