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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Scribble scrabble

So. A lot converged this week: Radiation oncologist follow up; medical oncologist follow up; surgery (fat grafting) to restart reconstruction.

Also the first time all these doctors had seen my new tattoo. It's Cassiopeia, and the first star, caph, is one of my radiation tattoos.

Rad onc went nuts over it. "I've treated over 1,500 women for breast cancer and never seen anyone do this." He loved it. He dragged in a bunch of techs to take a look too.

Med onc said, "What's with the magic marker?" in her perfect NYC accent. (Imagine Nicky from OITNB as an oncologist instead of an inmate. That's basically my doctor.)

Plastic surgeon said it was very pretty, while drawing on me with actual magic marker. (See above.)

More on the surgery soon, loves.

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  1. Hope you are recovering well and safely tucked up at home again!