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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Fuck It List

There's a thing about cancer...I don't want to say it's a positive, because I don't like giving the C word that much credit. But there's a thing about it, that kind of makes you not care about a lot of the silly stuff you worried about before. Something about the brush with mortality, or being humiliated while hairless. There's certain things you let go of. Like family drama? Don't have time for that shit.  

It comes and goes, of course, this bit of enlightenment. Sometimes I'm as self conscious as a 12-year-old in gym class. But other times, I said, "Fuck it. I'm grinding at the wedding/laughing inappropriately/whatever."

Some people talk about having a bucket list. That phrase kind of makes me want to vomit. But a Fuck It List? Shit you're gonna do for those moments when you just don't care anymore? Yes, please. So here goes:

FUCK IT, I'm going to just...

- Sing along with my headphones on the subway. LOUDLY.
- Wear sparkles any damn time.
- Tell someone exactly what I think of them.
- Be unabashedly self interested...for a few minutes, anyway.
- Spend way too much on nail polish.
& etc.

What's on your Fuck It List?


  1. taking the flight I was always afraid to take to visit friends....because flying is a hell of a lot less scary than cancer was!

  2. Wear the tank tops I like & show off my tattoos.