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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Okay, so I got this letter.

This is actually the second notice. It was so skeevy looking that I thought the first one was a scam. But apparently it's real. The purpose of the letter was to get me to implicate someone else (an errant delivery truck, or trolls, or whatever the fuck) as being responsible for paying for one of my ER surgeries from over the summer. This company who sent the letter was hired by my insurance company to find out WHO THE FUCK IS RESPONSIBLE HERE and get some of Insurance Co's $$ back.

Excuse me, what? You want to know who's responsible for this? Because you're sick of dealing with it, paying for it? Well have at it. Start with this list of nearly 100 beauty products that contain the known carcinogen cocamide diethanolamine, according to the Center for Environmental Health.

That's one single carcinogen, in almost 100 beauty products.

It's completely gross that I had to explain to this random company that yes, I was being treated for cancer, and no, there is no individual they can sue to recoup some cash. What I didn't include in my explanation of the surgery, and wish I would have:

In attempt to avoid having one of these ER surgeries, I had an in-office procedure in which my incision was re-opened, skin was sliced away, and the wound was restitched while I was awake. No anesthesia. No valium. No bottle of hooch, no knocking me over the head with a brick. Just me and some pranayama. Many of the nerves in my chest were severed during my mastectomy, so I felt very little. However, whether you feel pain from a trauma or not, your body sends wave after wave of adrenaline. My body was telling me to run the fuck out of that office. But I didn't flinch.

So, you wanna go, insurance dipshits? Pretty sure I've got more staying power.


  1. wow. just wow. what kind of genius thinks there is any way they can find someone to blame?

  2. OMG, I got one of those letters, too. When my reconstruction failed (massive staph) and I had to have surgery 23 days after getting my new boobs to remove them both, the insurance company came sniffing around wanting to know if I had a malpractice suit - anything to not pay for yet another surgery. I think it was the 24 days of IV antibiotics and home health care that did them in. How do you explain bad surgical luck to a paper pusher? And how do you explain to the nurse that the insurance company paid to call you "to check up on you" that no amount of personal hand washing (or having your kids wash their hands) would have prevented an infection behind the pectoral muscle in your chest cavity???