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Monday, December 2, 2013


Instead of cooking dinner tonight, I went in the bathroom and did very dramatic makeup to the left side of my face only. One of these puppies made an appearance:

Yes, those are sparkle lashes.

I listened to Stevie Nicks's Landslide on repeat the whole time.

I feel this is an important thing for people to know about me. I wish I could blame this on chemo brain somehow, but it's just me, ridiculous me.

ETA I further put off cooking dinner in favor of stomping around and obsessively cleaning the windows (again!) with rags made form my cut up radiation tshirts. End of chemo anniversary on Saturday. Paging Dr. Freud...


  1. People know about you. I am a completely random stranger from Switzerland and always eager waiting for your posts. You are in my RSS feed. It's because you are always so straight. Please keep writing. Thanks (sofie)

  2. Sofie, thank you so much!! Big hug from New Jersey.