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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I love this video.

I used to be pretty anti-tattoo for myself. All you have to do is look at the quote I picked in my high school yearbook to know why. (No, I am not telling you what it was.) What I mean is, I'm phase oriented, and my tastes change. A lot sometimes.

But for the last year I've been wanting one. I guess there's been so much change, so many new permanent marks on me, that I feel like a little more won't matter much. I love Amanda Wachob's work. And rabbits haunt me a bit, like that Velveteen excerpt, and Hazel from Watership Down. Rabbits are quick, on alert. They are connected with the moon, and can be indicative of rebirth or resurrection.

I already have some tattoos. Little dots, from radiation, which I'd want to incorporate in some way. I'd like something that looks like it's taken from Beatrix Potter's sketchbook, like this:

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