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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some threads

When I got home tonight, there was this giant box waiting for me. 

It was a box of swag from the awesome tshirt (and other stuff too) retailer Threadless! They also made this really sweet card. Tears!!

I've been a fan of Threadless for a long time, and via many christmas presents, I've  converted my family as well. My sister Lizzie once seriously considered a particular college based purely on its proximity to their headquarters. (Future engineer of America, guys.)

This was so super sweet of them to send me all this great stuff. I love everything, but most importantly, the cats approve.

Toastie enjoying the cool geometric throw blanket.

Lydia making sure all is in order with the box.

Readers, it was a rough day. My plan when I came home was to flop into bed with a bag of cookies. Then I saw the box. It didn't even matter what was just made me feel nice. Though I may still crawl into bed with my cookies, I'll definitely be dressed better.


  1. i just checked out their website and i LOVE the clothes!

    p.s i saw your video on yahoo and i read your blog, took me 2 days since i would read it at work (shhhh) you truly are an inspiration to women everywhere. I had thyroid cancer when I was 21, i am now 23 and healthy (well in better health now).

    anyways, i truly loved ur blog. You are an amazing writer...( i am at work so im scared my boss will sneak up behind me)

    well have a good day!!


  2. The Threadless team are wonderful. Genuinely lovely, warm, fun, kind, hilarious people! Yay for a box of treats! And yay for cookies too ;)