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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not embarazada

 In high school Spanish, our teacher often talked about the dangers of Spanglish (ie making up words you don't know by adding Spanish suffix to an English word.) She told a story about a young woman at dinner with her future in-laws, and telling an embarrassing story. When she got to the part where she wanted to say "I was so embarrassed!" she used the word embarazada. Which actually means "pregnant." Oh snap! That story probably wasn't true, in retrospect, but I always liked it.

Because who doesn't love an embarrassing story? As long as it's about someone else. you're in luck, because I compiled a few for my post over at ABC News, about the Traumarama moments of breast cancer. Check it out here.

Warning: there is a giant picture of my face.


  1. Love your blog, my mom got diagnosed with Cancer in July...since then its been a blur of trips and hospitals and hanging around. I am now reading this and seeing how true it is! Keep up the fight!

  2. I have very little experience (for lack of a better word) with cancer, but I have a whole lot of appreciation for you! You have put into words what I think a lot of us feel, going through painful situations in our lives. Honesty is so beautiful, to me anyway. It's much more inspiring than motivational bullshit. I thank you and I wish you well, in all ways, for always!!

  3. As someone who has battled cancer myself, I was touched to come across your blog after upworthy shared your picture a week video. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma when I was 18 about 10 years ago. I too wanted to do a similar photography project but alas was too sick for most and it became less of a priority. I have since done a slight re-enactment of a photo project found on

    Great seeing this and keep on living.

    1. Your photos are beautiful! Can you tell me more about the project?

  4. I admitted to breaking a rib while pooping. because of chemo. embarazada indeed! love your blog

  5. I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carconoma in February of 2013. Luckily they found it early and I had a lumpectomy and reconstruction. During an ultrasound they also found another mass and told me it was benign but I opted for removal since they were doing surgery anyway. When they removed it, it screened malignant. I had been having mammos since I was 36, because my sister was a survivor also. I was diagnosed when I was 41. I was fortunate, you are too! Love, Love, Love your blog! Cheers!

  6. Random twenty-something that has been keeping up with your blog. It has been inspirational, and at times sad, funny, and humbling. Sending good vibes your way for continued recovery, and decades of entertaining writing.