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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Game

I have determined that if I sold all my leftover painkillers on the street I'd make around $2500. Um.

Which just kind of generally reminds me of other times I've noticed that the system seems to be begging for exploitation. Like after my mastectomy, I got a check for $70,000, which was for my plastic surgeon who is out of network, but made to out to me. Really? You can't just send him that check, Blue Cross? What if I were an addict, or going bankrupt, or just generally slippery? Or the fact that I can go to every doctor and ask for highly addictive medications, and they will have no idea if someone else has already given them to me?

Anyway, off to think up clever and timely street names for my unique blend of opioids. Suggestions?

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