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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Wednesday is the 23rd, and marks six months since my diagnosis. Since then I have been to close to one hundred doctor's appointments, including but not limited to:

- consultations
- second opinions
- third opinions
- surgeries
- follow ups
- chemotherapy
- biologic therapy
- radiation therapy
- psychotherapy
- acupuncture
- nutritional counseling
- CT scans
- PET scans
- EKGs
- echocardiograms

Instead of the above, I wish I had spent the last six months doing the following:

- eating one hundred cornetti from Pasticceria Berberini

- watching one hundred episodes of Mad Men

- petting one hundred sloths

- running one hundred miles

- reading one hundred novels

- writing one hundred pages

- baking one hundred cakes

- getting one hundred manicures

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