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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Science Alert!

So today some science people said something I, and every other cancer patient in history, already knew: chemo messes with your brain zone.

Since starting chemo I've had SO. MUCH. TROUBLE. with things like word retrieval, short term memory, and ability to focus...

...but who cares, this is sparkly!

It's made it difficult to work, and kind of impossible to finish my book, which is completely infuriating. Basically I get mad and start to smash things but instead watch an episode of Dr. Phil. (For some reason when I typed that I wanted to write "Dr. Phil: Medicine Woman.")

So anyway, now they're all like, hey guys, this shit is REAL, and we're all like,

But seriously's kind of terrifying, the possibility that chemo is damaging my brain forever. Hopefully, the symptoms I'm experiencing will fade in the coming weeks and months. Matt suffered from chemo brain big time, and it did go away. (I think...? Sometimes it's hard to tell with him :-/ ) In the hierarchy of scary long term effects from chemo, this is number one, followed by hair never growing back (very rare, but fuck!), no period ever again, then heart damage (perhaps I should be more worried about this one).

Oh well, back to my regularly scheduled activity.

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