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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On Banality and Triscuits

Typical Triscuit enthusiast
Something weird about having cancer, or really living through anything that sucks: you don't spend all your time freaking out about it. You might think that as a 28 year old with cancer, you'd spend all your time doing this:

But you don't. You get on with it. You go to work and school, the store, and the bar. And yeah you obsesses about shit and read too much on the internet and everything, but you adapt to the new normal amazingly quickly. So quickly that your new situation becomes really boring really fast.

It's boring because you can't think about much else -- but not like you're thinking about dying all the time, more like you're thinking about stupid, very specific details, like your red blood cell count or the amount of ginger tea in your kitchen cabinet or the location of your emergency hair loss hat.

Or the fact that because of your new taste buds, the only snack you now like is Triscuits.

Triscuits.The most boring fucking snack.

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  1. You are awesome and this post made me LOL. Thank you showing and sharing your experiences in this blog. sending you lots of good vibes xoxo