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Friday, October 26, 2012

Halftime in the Chemo Ward

Today was Taxol #6 -- the halfway point for this drug. (I'll continue my other drug, Herceptin, for a year.) As usual, I went through my list of side effects with the nurse.

"I almost forgot -- I've been feeling extremes of temperature. Really hot, then really cold."

"That," she said."Is your body going into menopause."


"Have they talked to you about that?"

"Not much," I admitted.

So we talked about it. I knew that it was possible my period would stop (temporarily), but I guess I wasn't really thinking about it right. I was imagining just a really long time between periods, like that three month long birth control injection, which I was pretty okay with. Na-uh. It is full blown menopause, guys! Hot flashes, mood swings ::whispers:: vaginal dryness.

Who said that? Maybe Mabel:

Apparently another symptom of menopause is you have to live in a fun house mirror. 

Needle sticks: 2
Recorded heights: 72 inches (??), 68 inches, 68 inches again in case I my body lied by growing really fast.
Pumpkin muffins eaten: only 1, but it was heavenly.

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